You Can Have CBD Without Getting High!

Daily people come to me wanting to try CBD for natural anxiety relief, back pain relief and to help reduce the complications that come with chronic illness. They’re hurting and they want a natural solution without negative side effects. You can have CBD without getting high! Read on to learn more!

I ask everyone I have a consultation with, do you get tested at work? They usually look at me a little sideways. 🤣 We’re talking CBD here, not the other stuff, right?!

Of course! But did you know that most CBD has trace amounts of THC? 

Legal amounts of THC are under .3% and can not get you high.

Darn they say. LOL 

But if there’s THC how can it not get someone high?

The cannabis plants grown for CBD are genetically created to have HIGH amounts of CBD in the plant and low amounts of THC.

Just like you can have different types of roses or tomatoes, you can have different types of cannabis. 

So what is the difference between CBD and THC? 

I’m happy to answer that! First, let’s talk about what the how they are the same. 

I know this image may shock you. It’s ok! It’s for real just an herb. 🙂 This plant medicine goes waaaay back and has saved thousands of lives.  My mother’s included! Wanna know how? Keep reading!

Both CBD, also known as cannabidiol and THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, are cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids = plant compounds

Cannabinoids are compounds that activate your endocannabinoid receptors. What to learn more about the endocannabinoid system? 

If so, watch this video from Dr. Rachel Knox! Her whole family, known as the Knox Docs study, and report all about the health benefits of cannabinoids. They talk about CBD/CBG and the Coronavirus here.

Fun fact: Cannabis is related to hops! They’re both from the Cannabaceae family! 

When you use a Whole Plant you get a Full Spectrum CBD. With Full Spectrum CBD you get the Entourage Effect.

This is when cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant  work in unison to bring you the most therapeutic benefits. 

But what if you can’t have Full Spectrum?

What if you can not have one little iota of THC in your system?

Relax, we have you covered! We have THC Free CBD products!

I think we can all agree that scientists and chemists can do some pretty amazing things! From engineering cars and airplanes, discovering and treating disease, to breaking down compounds into individual molecules! 

That’s what our CBD manufacturing chemists have done for you! We at Jubilee of Wellness have a combination of CBD/CBG that brings you the many benefits of hemp CBD without so much as a molecule of THC. 

You heard me right! 

There is no THC to cause a positive on a screening test!

What does CBD and CBG combined do for your health? 

Excuse me for a moment while I do a little happy dance….

No kidding, it really makes me happy to help you find relief! I love the emails and messages with all of your excitement and surprise! Believe me, when I first figured out how much of a difference CBD makes in my life, I was surprised too! 

Check out what people are saying about the new CBD/CBG blend!🤩❤️🥰

This message is from the same day a client bought Jubilee CBD/CBG from me at the New Albany Farmer’s Market! I’ve known her and her family for several years. We’re part of an active community who really care about our neighbors. I was really hoping she would like the oil and so I was over the moon when she let me know it worked for her the first day!

What does THC do?

While THC products that are psychoactive, meaning yes it gets you high, can be used by people for pain and stress relief in many states, here in my state of Indiana, that is still illegal, even for people fighting cancer. 🙄

Thank goodness, CBD has its own healing abilities! 

What does CBD do?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that promotes pain relief, relaxes muscles, is anti-inflammatory and reduces anxiety. And… it’s federally legal! Cannabinoids work better in groups and thankfully CBD is not the only legal cannabinoid we have available. 

Introducing CBG! 🌿

 Cannabigerol, CBG, is also known to be beneficial by aiding as a natural muscle relaxer,  reducing anxiety, reducing inflammation, and fighting infections. 

Put CBD & CBG together and there is reason to celebrate the benefits that are available to us! 

If you know about my Mom, you know why I started Jubilee of Wellness CBD & Essential Oils. She’s still here thanks to many brilliant and caring people at U of L James Brown Cancer Center. And, thanks to CBD! 

With her chronic conditions, she takes a regiment of 25mg of CBD in the morning, 25mg of CBD/CBG in the afternoon and 25 mg of CBD in the evening. 

It has kept my mom out of the hospital for over a year! You can see her hula hooping here! She’s pretty stinkin cute! 🙂 

For most generally health adults who need anxiety relief, pain relief, immune system support and want to maintain wellness naturally, I suggest around 20mg of Full Spectrum CBD or our CBD/CBG blend. 

Just remember, I am not a Dr. If you have health concerns about using CBD, please ask your Dr. and find one that is open to the benefits! If they tell you there is no research then it’s likely something they’re not keeping up with.  

You can print this information out for them and possibly open the door for them to learn more! 

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed our time together today! I am here to help you find a regiment that works for you so that you too can feel less stress, less pain and less anxiety naturally. 

It is absolutely possible that you could be enjoying more of your time doing the things you love with the people you love, and with more freedom and  joy! 

Here is an invite to be a part of the  Jubilee of Wellness community! 

You can find me here at Making P.I.E. with CBD & Essential Oils.

Cheers to your health & happiness!



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Hi, I’m Michele Finn, and I started Jubilee to provide the quality and education you deserve on your healing journey.  I have helped my mother (a cancer patient) to find peace, comfort, and healing with the use of essential oils and CBD. From leukemia, to a bone marrow transplant, and back to almost sound health, it has been a challenging road. I want to share my learned techniques and offer the highest quality oils with the least impact to our planet, for use in your everyday life!

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