Why is my family celebrating CBD this season?

My mother’s amazing story:

At only 57, my mother was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

It would be a 24/7 task to keep her here with us some days. This is a glimpse inside what it took and what Essential Oils & CBD have done for my mother and family. It surprises even me!

Jubilee of Wellness | Why my family and I are celebrating CBD this season

My mom with my brother Philip

The first day of summer break 2015, my husband and our 3 kids were preparing for a family walk.

I had my phone inside the stroller, and we were just about to leave the driveway when it rang. “Your Mom is in the hospital. It’s bad. You need to get here quick.” I was stunned. I had to give the stroller to my husband Jeremy, kiss my kids goodbye and go see what was happening. 

For almost 20 years, I have used holistic healing in my home when possible. This really proved to be helpful after my mom’s diagnosis.

When I was in the ER waiting to hear what was going on, I didn’t expect the worst. That’s not how my brain works. After many scary hours of various tests, the doctor told me that my mom’s blood count was a 5. It should be around 13. “So you give her blood and we go home?” Uh, no. She was admitted. Twenty four hours later, a fancy Dr/ nurse lady came to me (I don’t remember who she was or her title but she really knew her stuff!) and gave me the news. CANCER. ACUTE LEUKEMIA. I was the oldest at 39, my baby sister was 17. My family gathered, cried, hugged and we put our boots on and we went to battle. Luckily, we had no idea what we were up against.

They don’t give you the odds for a very good reason.

I feel like I need to lighten the mood here and I can do that pretty easily. When I asked the odds of her making it, they explained that they don’t give odds. It’s discouraging and what if you were one of the ones that made it? Although my mom, like most, is super stubborn,  she’s like a little Christmas elf when it comes to finding things that make her happy. These things worked in our favor! We met the team, came up with a plan and because she had great insurance, she was put in a really nice facility with no fuss. The kids colored pictures that we hung, there was a court yard where we could take her out for sunshine. We brought in a radio. There was a couch/ bed for us to take turns staying the night. We pulled it together and we got to work. I of course, came equipped with essential oils.

My mom with Miss Vikki

How I used Essential Oils in the hospital:

Let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t ask for permission. My mother had a 6 month hospital stay. In the beginning, there were some butting of the heads between the medical team and I. They were a bit concerned with me bringing in a touch of holistic medicine to the hospital. I respect them immensely. I listened and I compromised but I insisted on using what I know to help my mother. I’m forever glad that I did! 

  • Room Sprays can lighten and even change the mood. I had an array of room sprays for my mom’s hospital room. Some sprays were relaxing, some energizing and some were made to bring joy!
  • Roller Bottles to apply to the pillow and share with family and staff. Nurses need cheering up too!
  • Salves to treat dry skin and introduce healing oils into the body. Chemo and radiation are not kind to your body. Nutrient rich salves were a game changer for my mom’s comfort. 


After 6 months of chemo the cancer would not leave. What then? A bone marrow transplant at the James Brown Cancer Center:

A transplant. Medical geniuses at their finest. It’s risky. They know not all will make it. We took turns sleeping in the room with my mother for months until she was stable. She had to relearn basic functions and how to walk. I can’t say enough about the teamwork between James Brown Cancer Center and my family. They were happy that we were there. The nurses held us up and gave us strength when we thought we had lost. Somehow, by grace, determination and a healthy balance of holistic and traditional medicine, we were able to get my mom strong enough to come home. We are so very grateful! 

CBD has been such a literal life saver. From arthritic & insomnia relief to holding back Graf vs Host disease, I just can’t say enough about the medicinal benefits that we have enjoyed. 

CBD for your health.

Today can be the day that you step into healing.

You can get my free CBD Guide here. And if you want to get your CBD delivered to your door, consider the monthly subscription option offered here! What if you could

  • sleep better 
  • relieve stress 
  • loosen stiff joints 
  • reduce pain
  • ease gastro issues

Wishing you and yours the best New Year for 2020! Celebrate what you love and keep each other close. 

We are forever grateful to the James Brown Cancer Center and their dedicated staff. 

Jubilee of Wellness | Why my family and I are celebrating CBD this season
My brother Philip & Mom

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Hi, I’m Michele Finn, and I started Jubilee to provide the quality and education you deserve on your healing journey.  I have helped my mother (a cancer patient) to find peace, comfort, and healing with the use of essential oils and CBD. From leukemia, to a bone marrow transplant, and back to almost sound health, it has been a challenging road. I want to share my learned techniques and offer the highest quality oils with the least impact to our planet, for use in your everyday life!

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