Herbal Guardian 10ml Roller Bottle

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Herbal Guardian~This old time herbal blend is a powerhouse for your immune system, bringing a modern touch to thieves oil & on guard. A Quality blend of Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Cinnamomum Oils. Were you around someone not feeling well? Quick! Grab your roller bottle and use it on your neck and wrists! Or maybe you can’t get your guy to use oils? Tell him it’s just to make him smell manly. He’ll probably know the difference but hopefully he’s really been wanting to try oils and he’ll be really thankful you’re not coming at him with lavender or clary sage. Haha!

1 review for Herbal Guardian 10ml Roller Bottle

  1. Hollie Owens

    I love reaching into my purse and pulling out my Jubilee Essential oils rollers. The scents teleport me to a calm serene place. Herbal guardian is especially useful during these virus times. I love supporting local and I love her products. You will too!!

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