Frankincense 15ml


Frankincense is beneficial for cell regeneration and is relaxing while also emotionally uplifting.


Frankincense (Boswellia frereana) sourced from Somalia method Hydrodistillation

Frankincense has been considered holy for thousands of years. It is said to help improve communications with the heavens. It is also used in support of healthy skin, cell regeneration, is an antiseptic and immune system booster. For emotional uses it can be relaxing, an antidepressant and emotionally uplifting. 

*Using Frankincense to clean is not recommended. It has a long harvest time and should be used sparingly. Instead, try lemon, cinnamon or peppermint for cleaning!

This blend is not diluted and works well in a diffuser by itself or with other oils. Please always dilute neat (undiluted) oils before applying directly to skin. 


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