Eucalyptus 15ml


Jubilee Eucalyptus is steamed distilled and certified organic from Australia. Great for opening airways creating a clean environment.


 Organic Eucalyptus Radiata

This Eucalyptus is steamed distilled and certified organic from Australia! Have you ever hugged a Eucalyptus tree? They can be massive! Eucalyptus is great for opening the airways and creating a relaxing environment. Blend with peppermint when making your own vapor rub style salves. This is a wonderful oil to have in your home. It can help relieve symptoms colds and coughs by supporting healthy airways. Sustainably harvested.

This blend is not diluted and works well in a diffuser by itself or with other oils. Please always dilute neat (undiluted) oils before applying directly to skin. 

*When safely diluted (2-5%) eucalyptus can be used to treat chronic respiratory conditions by rubbing over chest and back. It can also be inhaled for relief.

Helps with asthma, sinus problems and bronchitis

Michele’s Tip! I put a few drops on a cloth or directly on my child’s pillowcase when they are going to sleep to be inhaled gradually throughout the night.


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