How to Identify Quality Hemp CBD

Do you know how to identify quality hemp CBD? When it comes to CBD & Essential Oils, you are putting these in and on your body and you need a trusted source!

It’s so hard to tell someone they have paid good money for a fake product. 

It happens though. People will bring me their bottles that they bought from Amazon, aka Scamazon in the oil industry, or a CBD that they picked up somewhere without having any connection to the supplier. Often they end up not getting the results they were needing for relief. This doesn’t have to be your story!

When it comes to CBD & Essential Oils, you are putting these in and on your body and you need a trusted source!

Lucky for us, there are real people out there who care, who are part of their community and work to make a difference. 

That is what you have found here at Jubilee and I only work with those that share these values! 

I have been an active part of my community for almost 20 years. The first person I offered CBD to was my mother. CBD has truly changed her life. My first customers were my neighbors, family and friends.

They are still my customers because they know I provide them with the quality and the product knowledge they are looking for. 

Quality hemp CBD comes right from the source

I get my CBD products right from the tap! 

Kentucky has been a tobacco farming state, right? Well, Tobacco sales have fallen. Which is great, unless your family farm depended on it. 

Guess what they’re farming now? Hemp! Happy dance!!  My supplier was one of the first to be accepted into the 2014 KY Hemp Pilot Program. They abide by all of the laws, and work directly with the state agriculture department to stay on top of the requirements.

I bet you have heard that the CBD market is like the Wild West and mostly unregulated. But guess what?! 

Quality hemp CBD is a highly-regulated product...

…If and this is a big one, if you are getting it from a trusted source. Where can you get a quality product from a trusted source? Ta da!! Right here!

I didn’t jump into the CBD business because of the excitement. I launched my business when caring for my mother who had Leukemia. 

Quality hemp CBD comes from licensed suppliers whose products are third-party tested

I’ll share the steps to getting my products with you here! 

With the current federal laws:

  1. Hemp seed has to come from a licensed distributor. 
  2. It is then sold to a licensed grower. 
  3. When the plant is growing, it is tested for THC levels by the state. It has to stay under .3% THC. 
  4. Once it reaches maturity, it is processed at a licensed facility. 
  5. I go into the facility myself to pick up my orders!


Quality hemp CBD is fresh

How fresh is your CBD? I feel like we could make your momma jokes with this question! My CBD is so fresh, it smells like cannabis when I walk in the building!!

Why yes, that is me standing next to 5 ft bags of Kentucky Hemp! 

When I pick up your CBD, I am provided a CofA (lab test) with every order. Not just out of kindness, but because it’s required by the state! 

Do you have a bottle of my CBD? If so, look at the little square QR code. 

Looks a little futuristic, huh? Scan it with your smartphone and it links your oil back to my website. That’s required by law where I live in Indiana, just across the bridge from Louisville, Ky. 

Each batch has a Lot# which links it to a Cof A on my website. 

So, you see my friend. It’s not exactly the Wild West like they say. 

Here at Jubilee of Wellness, we are doing it right! 

Take this healing journey with me.  

You get to be the boss of your health, I get to be your guide! 

To your health and happiness,


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Hi, I’m Michele Finn, and I started Jubilee to provide the quality and education you deserve on your healing journey.  I have helped my mother (a cancer patient) to find peace, comfort, and healing with the use of essential oils and CBD. From leukemia, to a bone marrow transplant, and back to almost sound health, it has been a challenging road. I want to share my learned techniques and offer the highest quality oils with the least impact to our planet, for use in your everyday life!

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