From Insomnia to Sleeping Beauty

Find yourself daydreaming about that magical night of sleep that you hear others talking about? Read on to find out how to go from insomnia to sleeping beauty.

The summer sun is setting, the kitchen is sparkling clean, and it’s time to reach for a cup of herbal tea. After a few chapters of your new book about holistic sleep tinctures and your fairy godmother’s insomnia remedies, the carriage comes to carry you off for a magical night of zzzzzzzzs… 

Or not?

For some, they close their eyes and out they go until morning. 

Unfortunately, sound sleep is not everyone’s reality.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Insomnia is defined as having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep three nights a week or more for at least three months. 

Does this sound way too familiar? 

What happens to our bodies and minds  when we can’t get a good night’s sleep?

Likely we are suffering from

  • Being overly tired during the day 
  • Making more errors or being accident prone
  • Having a hard time focusing 
  • Experiencing  increased anxiety or depression 
  • Loss of joy because we’re so tired

With all of these side effects from sleepless nights, it’s tempting to turn to over the counter sleep aids. Americans spend about  $41 billion on them a year!

 But… those medications are a quick fix and weren’t really created with your long term health in mind. Some even have negative side effects like dizziness and long term GI tract problems

This doesn’t have to be your story! Ready for some useful tips that can have you singing with the blue birds the next morning?! 

I have a plan for you! 

According to the Sleep Foundation adults are supposed to get 7-9 hours of sleep. That means we should be able to wrap up or day, lights out at 10 pm and wake up healthy and refreshed between 5 and 7.. Doesn’t that sound peaceful! 

Here are three things I highly suggest.

 Minor changes. Big results!

Tip #1     

CBD Helps you sleep!

Just one dropper full of organically grown, small batch Hoosier’s Reserve 

will have you more relaxed so you can sleep when you take it just one hour before bed. 

How can CBD help you sleep better?

CBD works with our endocannabinoid, dopamine and serotonin receptors. While it won’t put you to sleep you will be more relaxed and able to sleep.

My regiment? 

One dropper full before bed every night. If I know my day could be stressful and I want to be more relaxed and focus better, I also take ½ a dropper in the morning. 

Tip #2

 Just 10-20 minutes of exercise

can be a game changer for long term wellness.

 According to the Sleep Foundation, 10-20 minutes of exercise  can reduce stress,  increase alertness and help us catch those zzzs!

Here are my favorite simple ways to workout!

Want more relaxational and flexibility? Free yoga class here! 

Missing dance in your life? Here’s a Zumba class that will lift your spirits and make you sweat! 

My personal favorite? Hula hooping! I have taught locally for 10 years. Deanne Love is great for teaching beginners and experienced hoopers online! I took her teacher course in 2019 and it rocked my world!  She makes learning so fun! 

Tip #3  

Reduce Caffeine & Alcohol

I love coffee! Know what I don’t love? Interrupted sleep. No caffeine after 12pm. I have also switched my coffee allowance to 1 cup in the morning. After that, it’s herbal teas or sometimes a tonic water and lime makes a great pick me up.

 Maybe you’re using wine to put yourself to sleep? I won’t tell, but  that can create some unhealthy long term patterns. 

Usually it’s really the complex flavors that we crave! 

 You can save the wine for dinners and friends and try these tasty Mocktails! With your dropper full of CBD before bed of course. 

Tip #4


Has anyone in your family or friend circle chased you around with Essential Oils yet? Maybe they said try lavender for a bug bite or this tea tree to get rid of that skin condition, or maybe they said “If you put this oil on at exactly midnight on a full moon, you’ll discover the fountain of youth!” 😂 Some people get a little excited about essential oils. There‘s a good reason they’re so popular! They’re not magic per say but they can encourage a lot of healing in our bodies. 

To encourage sleep, put just a few drops of Peace & Balance, Lavender or Rose Hydrosol on your pillow right before you snuggle in. Softly tell your mind, “it’s time for sleep now”,  just like you would a little child and your brain will link the smell of that oil to sleep time. That’s all it takes to start practicing aromatherapy if you aren’t already.  

It’s here! Everything you need to get a good night’s sleep. 

Try these things for 2 weeks and let me know, what changed for you?

 I think the results will surprise you! Imagine, after a day of your new simple but effective routines, your fairy godmother waves her wand, you’re in your dressing gown, tucked in and counting little woodland creatures as you drift off to sleep. It’s not  just a fairytale, it’s a full night’s sleep and dream come true! 


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Hi, I’m Michele Finn, and I started Jubilee to provide the quality and education you deserve on your healing journey.  I have helped my mother (a cancer patient) to find peace, comfort, and healing with the use of essential oils and CBD. From leukemia, to a bone marrow transplant, and back to almost sound health, it has been a challenging road. I want to share my learned techniques and offer the highest quality oils with the least impact to our planet, for use in your everyday life!

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