Anxiety Relief: Six Simple Steps You Can Do at Home!

Welcome to Jubilee of Wellness! I’m Michele. A friend called me in tears. Here’s what we talked about. Read on to learn about anxiety relief and six simple steps you can do at home.

Anxiety Relief

It sounds so simple and yet millions of Americans struggle to find a safe way to feel relief daily. Our fast moving world has been stirred like no other time we remember. Even people who don’t normally struggle with feelings of worry or stress are finding themselves feeling overwhelmed and rightfully so. Covid 19, Social Distancing, Wearing Masks, and there is no doubt that we are in the middle of the  largest civil rights movement in history.

It sends our minds racing.

Americans are banning together all over the country to stand up against racism and to insure that Americans have Liberty and Justice for All. 

I’ll share with you a helpful conversation about Race & Unity by a dear friend and inspiration to me, Rachel Ngom and members of her church. 

I hope you find this inspiring too!

With all of this going on, I wasn’t surprised when an old friend called me, fighting back tears. 

She’s suffering from anxiety attacks. 

She said that she’s having a really hard time with her son going away this month, she’s caring for a parent that would be devastated by the virus and witnessing the unrest on facebook. 

She’s crying in the middle of the day. 

She can’t fall asleep and lays there for an hour or two fretting. Then wakes up again throughout the night.

 She feels totally overwhelmed with her emotions of fear and worry. 

She wanted to know,

What can she do in these moments to anchor herself, lessen the stress and ease the anxiety when these feelings carry her away? 

She wants to be present for her family. 

 If she is struggling with this, I know that many others are too!  

I was able to guide her, give her simple and doable steps. 

I’m going to share here with you how I helped her find peace so that she can handle these worries and care for her family during these heavy times. 

There is work to be done! We need strong minds and bodies to bring forth our best selves for our families and better our community everyday. 

First, let us look at what we’re up against when it comes to anxiety. 

What is anxiety? We all feel stress and overwhelm at times. Stress is an indicator that we do not feel safe. Anxiety is a reaction to that stress.

Why do people have so much anxiety? Anxiety disorders can develop from life events, brain chemistry and even genetics. 

For some people, it’s social anxiety and comes on around crowds. For others, it stems from PTSD and can be triggered by events. Anxiety can also come from overwhelm and may be brought on by circumstances and current events. 


Tip #1 for Anxiety Relief- Taking CBD

I asked my friend if she had any CBD in the house. She said yes, she had some she had purchased from me a while back. 

I suggested that she take 20mg, or one dropperful of the Hoosier’s Reserve CBD to help her lower her stress level, drop those shoulders. CBD is legal federally, non addictive and does not get you high! This makes it a healthy choice for stress  anxiety and pain relief. This helped her instantly! 

Want to learn more about how to use CBD for support with anxiety, grab your free guide to CBD use here!

Tip #2 for Anxiety Relief~ Music heals

I then asked if she had any calming music. I like to listen to vibrational healing on Spotify or You Tube to help ground me and let my thoughts flow. She said yes, she has an app called Headspace.

 You may find that when you put on music and allow the feelings to come, the tears may come too. There is no need to fight those tears. It’s healthy to acknowledge the pain we feel so that we can recognize its source and take action to fix it. 

If the tears come, let them flow and wash the confusion away. Then put on some uplifting music and shake it off! Here is a list from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America that has a great variety!

Tip #3 for Anxiety Relief- Movement inspires

The third thing suggested is that she go for a walk. Immediately. No matter if it’s 5 minutes, 30 minutes or an all day hike, nature works for resetting our thoughts and can help us slow down. 

Movement, even though it can be difficult, releases healthy chemicals that our bodies need and also keeps up from locking up both emotionally and physically. 

When we are in motion we feel more positivity which can give us the faith we need to keep moving forward and know that good will prevail! 

You can learn more about exercise and anxiety here in the article from Harvard Health. 

There are a few other tips that I would recommend. If you fit these new habits into your day, you may find yourself winning the war with stress and anxiety and doing it naturally! 

Tip #4 for Anxiety Relief. Less caffeine

This is a tough one for Americans in the times of drive through coffee shops. Keep a close watch on your caffeine intake.

 I love a hot cup of coffee, or two or three. My personal limit is two. If I go for that third cup, the effects go from positive to negative. I also stay away from coffee in the afternoon. It turns me into a grumpy bear instead of a kind and patient momma bear. That’s no fun for anyone! 

How do I curb the craving for warmth and deliciousness? I drink herbal teas! They do so much for the heart and soul that I worked with an herbalist to create a Rest and Relaxation Tea blend with organically grown Indiana hemp that I helped harvest. Legally of course! This crop was registered with and tested by Purdue University’s Ag department. 

Tip #5 for Anxiety Relief. Aromatherapy

Do you have a favorite essential oil?  I love starting my day by putting an uplifting essential oil blend in my diffuser that also cleans the air.  That way, while I’m making breakfast and having my quiet time, aromatherapy is happening without me even thinking much about it. 

My favorite oil for purifying the air is Crystal Clean

Want to calm things down in the afternoon? You can switch it out to a relaxing essential oil or essential oil blend like Peace & Balance.

 I also keep essential oil roller bottles close by for a quick attitude adjustment or even a bug bite. For example, Lavender is great for relaxing and for skin irritations! 

Tip #6 for Anxiety Relief. Less electronics

Find simple joys. Slow down and remember the little things that are not electronics related. 

Last week, the weather was perfect and our little family was outside in the backyard after dinner. I saw a piece of big blue chalk on the ground. And taught my youngest how to make a hopscotch board. It was sooo much fun! We played for almost an hour. 

Nothing fancy, no competition. Just simple, joyful, relaxing fun! To keep in interesting the kids started try to jump backwards, with their eyes closed and do 180’s with every jump. Such a hoot! 

Simple joys quiet the mind and allow us to enjoy our time together.

I truly hope that if anxiety is something that troubles you, that you are able to implement these game changers. Try out the different ideas and find the ones that work best for you.

What’s Next?

Want to try and CBD for anxiety relief but want to make sure you are using it safely? Grab your free guide here! 

I’m rooting for your Health & Happiness,

Michele Finn

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